Hunting and Fishing: Keeping Wildlife Healthy

Licensing fees are the most important part of financing the management and protection of wildlife and their habitats. But that’s not the only way that hunting and fishing are helping our wildlife:

  • Collected revenues provide for the protection and reintroduction of native species such as our elk and wild turkey.
  • Hunting keeps herd numbers at a level the habitat can support – keeping our wildlife resources healthy and sustainable.
  • Hunting is necessary for maintaining healthy and diverse populations of wildlife.
  • License fees help finance the identification and protection of species that are deemed “of special concern, threatened or endangered”.


Hunting and Fishing Make Michigan Beautiful

Here are some other ways that hunting and fishing help our public lands:

  • Wildlife management keeps a balance that benefits public, private, and wildlife interests.
  • Revenues go to conserving Michigan’s beautiful forests and lands and enhancing habitat for wildlife.
  • Revenues go to preserving the quality and quantity of water in our lakes, rivers, and streams.
  • Revenues from fishing are used to stock lakes and streams, and monitor the health and sustainability of the diverse fisheries in Michigan’s rivers, lakes, and streams.


Hunting and Fishing is Big Business

Hunting and fishing generates billions of dollars a year for Michigan’s economy (4.7 billion). Here are some other ways hunting and fishing help Michigan:

  • Wildlife management strives for a balance that benefits public, private and wildlife interests.
  • Tens of thousands of jobs in both rural and urban communities are sustained and supported (72,000+).
  • License revenues go to conserving the wildlife and natural beauty found throughout Michigan.
  • Creating a heritage that instills within individuals a personal connection to Michigan.